About me

Daria Piasenti

Hello travellers!

I’m Daria, I’m 30-something, Italian.
I’m an enthusiast travel junkie always on the move with an hand luggage and a couple of dice in my pockets.I’m currently based in the city of Venice, where I like discovering local restaurants and new travel trends.
I can’t live apart from the sea. Indeed, I can survive 37 days without eating pizza.

But let’s start from the beginning.
I was born in 1984, like Prince Harry, Mark Zuckerberg and Scarlett Johansson. I believe 1984 has been a very good year so far.

I was told I got the same lips and spontaneous laugh of my grandmother (check it out ???).
From my dad, I inherited creativity and a couple of long legs, but not his great culinary skills. Actually, my great passion for food tasting is in inverse proportion to my cooking capacity.
From my mum, I inherited my dreamer attitude and integrity, both very useful if you want to be a writer (or a fairy).
From my grandfather indeed, who I have never even met, I got a serious case of wanderlust. He was a sailor, so I could have inherited the deep love for the sea from him, as well.
Later, from my friends I got a funny nickname and a British sense of humour. And here I am: aspiring web writer with an hopeless bucketlist, not really interested in finding the cure for travel bug.

Since I was able to keep a pen in my left hand, I wrote: I love writing. From school’s compositions to shopping lists, a Christmas card to Queen Elizabeth, letters to my Kiwi pen friend, funny rhymes for friends’ birthdays, list of things I love and hate about a boyfriend, random thoughts and travel diaries. Oh yes, travel diaries.

If writing was my first passion, travel was my first love.

To me, nothing has ever compared to the excitement of arriving in a foreign city, discovering a new sight or packing for an adventurous road trip. Encountering strangers, know different points of view, join a traditional feast, taste some unknown food. And share this all. Despite that, I waited long time before to start up this blog. For years, I have always found big excuses not to do it. Probably, I would have never even started it, if I wasn’t in the urgent need of taking care of something and regaining the trust in myself, after “a series of unfortunate events”.

I love road trips and backpacking journeys. I am addicted to sunsets, cocktail umbrellas, Asian food, pilates, Italian espresso, challenges, and amacas. Due to the fact i am often single, I also became expert in solo travels.

This blog is a little window to my world of happy, peppy, globe wide adventures and born from the desire of sharing my experiences with friends and all those who have been bitten by the travel bug like me.