Yoga retreats: are they for everyone?

top 5 reasons to choose a yoga holiday

Yoga retreats: are they for everyone?

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Yoga is an ancient practice. It brings uncountable benefits to body and mind. 

People in their 80’s practise yoga likewise people in their 30’s. At yoga classes you meet business women, housewives, students, retirees.

Recently, has become quite trendy to go on yoga holidays as well.

What are exactly yoga retreats, and are they for everyone?

Yoga retreat at Azulfit

A yoga retreat is a holiday focused on a daily yoga practice. Duration can be 3 nights, a week or one entire month.

During the retreat, professional yoga teachers provide classes, ideally twice a day. The location can be a villa, a wellness centre, a sanctuary, a resort.

Healthy meals, massages and wellness treatments complete the offer.

healthy breakfast after morning yoga session

Some retreats are focused on specific yoga styles such as Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa or Kundalini yoga.

If your goal is to become a teacher yourself, you can even join special yoga teaching training‘s retreats.

But what if you are not a habitual yogini back home? What if you’ve never practice yoga before? 

yoga session

the day starts with some sun salutation in Fuerteventura

Don’t worry, you can still join a yoga retreat! You just need to do some research.

I suggest you to have a look at different websites, contact the structure, get the extra information you need, and then make your choice. To do my researches, I’ve used

Some retreats are more relaxing yoga holidays. They can better fit beginners, leaving a good part of the day free to enjoy the beach or the surroundings.

If you are about to book your first yoga retreat, you want something like this. You want a program offering a combination of different styles  and a wider introduction to the wonderful world of yoga.

For my first experience as a yogini traveller, I flew to Fuerteventura and joined the yoga retreat at Azulfit

Whatever will be your choice, make sure you do not overestimate your body and your physical condition: a little challenge is good, but you don’t wanna overdo. Again, want you want the most is to restore yourself, don’t you?

Top 5 reasons to choose a yoga retreat as you next holiday

another great day starts at Azulfit

At this time you would probably be wondering: “why should I choose a yoga holiday instead of a wellness vacation or a relaxing island hopping?”

If you are reading this post, you do not probably need a good reason to go on a yoga retreat.

Should you be still uncertain, here are my top reasons to book a yoga holiday:

1. You are facing new challenge

You’ve just got a promotion at work. You’re about to move in together. Or you’ve just bought a new flat. You’ve strived for it, deserve it, and finally got it. You have leveled up.

And now, more effort is required.

In other occasions, it can even be a difficult moment to overcome: a divorce, a broken relationship, a layoff, a loss. Life isn’t always flowers, but life is always precious. Moving forward can be challenging, though.

Whether positive or not, something has recently changed.  I personally love changes and challenges, they make me feel alive. Even though, they are demanding.

If you are about to face a new challenge, your inner self is a good place to start. Some Hatha yoga will do. You will be back ready for a new start!

2. You feel out of batteries 

the cure for everything is a tasty breakfast!

Even if not particularly under pressure, since a while you’re are feeling drained, as if you have no energies  left. The thing is that we are always in a rush.

Talking about me, I’m hyperactive. If not forced, I never stop. I just keep on going. Even when it comes holiday time, whatever on a road trip or a city break, I rush to see as much as I can.

A yoga retreat was exactly what I needed. I needed a vacation from travel, time off for myself. Vinyasa is a great practice to learn how to channel your energy and recharge the batteries.

3. You struggle to focus on your goals

You are struggling to focus on those projects which used to thrill you before.

Let’s say you are passionate about writing or photography or music. Eventually, you never take the time to go on with them, too busy to follow your daily routine or to pleased others.

And while you’re putting all your strength on those things, your notebook remains full of white pages, your camera closed into its case, your guitar gets covered with dust. You feel frustrated, as if you’re wasting time and never coming to a conclusion. 

Passions are our gasoline, go for them. Find the time to play your guitar or to finish that book you’ve started. You’ll never know where a passion can lead, if you don’t find the time to cultivate it.

Take some time for yourself to meditate and recall on your intentions, think on what you love to do the most and find your path again. You will be back more creative and determined.

4. You wanna be more confident with yourself

inhale, exhale

Girls, we all know how it works. Sometimes we just don’t love ourselves enough. Somehow, we can end up thinking that we are not enough.

Erase that nonsense.

And if you ex-partner has made you feel like that, erase him, too.  It’s really time to pack and go on a holiday.

You are enough. You are amazing human beings. Repeat. Whatever has happened, it’s ok. It’s not your fault. Everything is going to be ok.

Try some Yin yoga to remind: always be kind to yourself.

5. Your body need extra care 

Should your goal be to gain flexibility and improve your posture, consider taking a yoga holiday.

The benefits of practicing yoga every day, together with the appropriate diet, will give your body the extra love and care it needs (and deserve!)

If you had a recent injury or if you suffer from particular aches or body pains, a yoga retreat can work as well as a physiotherapy. Tell the organizer in advance about your physical condition: they can adjust the program for you.

A yoga retreat will bring many benefits both to your body and soul. It will be like catching up with an old friend, after a while you don’t spend time together: that old friend is your inner self.

the best friend you’ll ever have is “the one singing and dancing in your heart”

Once I returned back home from my first retreat in late September, I decided to go on with my practice. I signed up for a yoga class in my town. Furthermore, I’ve been practicing some home meditation, using some apps such as Insight Timer to help me out.

Remarkably, my energies seems to be back and I have finally found the time to grab my pen and write again.

Do you practice yoga daily? Did you ever join a yoga retreat? Which other benefits do you think it brings?  I would love to hear about your experience. Leave a comment here if you like to share it, too!