Wander, otherwise we are lost.
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Instagram is NOT ruininig travel

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Few days ago, I chanced upon a critical article, curiously entitled “How Instagram is ruining travel” by David Annand. Although I am an Instagram lover and I disliked such a dramatic title, I found it very interesting as it gave me good sparks to reflect on. The writer hilariously describes his random encounter with a…

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The defenders of Venice

940 500 Daria Piasenti

With more than 5 million tourists a year in 2015, Venice is a must-be-seen for many travellers. But to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is not an hassle-free task. Venice is a noble lady who comes from a far away land: she is enchanting, formidable and fragile at the same…

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sunset philippines

A hopeless sunsetholic reveals

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The best spots to be when the sun goes down It is like wearing headphones. You put headphones on and you listen to that song you love, for the umpteenth time. Suddenly, unexpectedly, you heard it: it could be the incidental beat in a passage, the quality tone in a voice, or maybe the input…

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Venice Canal

What is #veniceisnotsinking?

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During the last few years, we frequently heard serious news about Venice: uncontrolled cruise business, inappropriate behaviour of both tourists and locals, alarming floating levels and the risk of being included by Unesco on the list of world heritage sites in danger in 2017. More than 5 million people visited Venice in 2015, and we…

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