Sailing Narcissus

How can dreams lead to new shores

Sailing Narcissus

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Home is where the anchor drops

Welcome back to my beloved homespot.
Venice, Italy. We expect 7 million people to visit in 2017. It’s high season in my beloved hometown, it’s in this time of the year we get the most of the flow of tourism;

Every morning, hundreds of tourists invade Saint Mark square, public boats and main sights are overcrowded.
Everyone is looking for the dreamy picture hanging a selfie stick, but finding a quiet spot is kind of a mission.

And I just want to sail away, go somewhere and nowhere, away from the crowd, away from the noise,  where there are no souvenirs sellers and no giant cruises.

Does still somewhere like this exist in Venice?
In the rush of getting the perfect shot and tick places from the to do list, we forget to stop and listen.

Listen to the sound of the lagoon, which talks softly to the hearts of those who have gentle souls.

Sailing Venice

For #VENICEISNOTSINKING feature, I welcome you on board of Narcissus, a 70 years old bragozzo, an historical venetian boat which has been brought to new life after a careful restoration. Come & sail with its captain and I to new Venetian shores, those shores you have been dreaming since you started dreaming of Venice.

It is good people who makes good places.
– Anna Sewell

One thing I am sure about, is that behind good ideas, good people are.

Daria Sailing Venice

? I am happy to introduce you to Marco, who is the engine of this project, proud owner and captain of Narcissus.

40 something authentic Venetian, passionate about vintage cars and vespas, great cicchettos eater and sea lover, Marco knows the city’s hidden canals like the back of his hand. From kayak to luxury hotel shuttle boats to his beloved Narcissus, I would say Marco is sailing since a lifetime. When I met him about 10 years ago, I thought he had the fascinating soul of a pirate, a rebel but big heart. Since he was a child, Marco’s greatest dream was to sail one day on a boat of his own

After 4 long years dedicating all his free time to the restoration of Narcissus, helped by an expert and skilled artisan, his childhood’s dream has come true. With dedication and perseverance Marco has given the original splendour back to Narcissus. The beautiful historical boat is today speeding over the lagoon and taking both visitors and locals to enchanting shores out of the super beaten venetian tracks. Terrific beauty of sunsets overlooking these hidden side of Venetian lagoon will get you even if you are the most anti romantic person on earth.

Are you ready? Pictures can say more than hundred words, so set sail with us with this video. Welcome on board!??

This video was made with ❤ & GoPro Hero4

Narcissus Boat

Good news for the sailors and sea lovers! #VENICEISNOTSINKING

Are you planning to visit Venice and wish to learn more about Narcissus and join the crew for a day? Get in touch with Marco at the email or visit the website. Still lazy? Sea sickness? Not a problem at all: you can virtually follow captain Marco’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram

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