What #veniceisnotsinking is?

Venice insider tips to enjoy your stay and support sustainable tourism

What #veniceisnotsinking is?

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During the last few years, we frequently heard serious news about Venice: uncontrolled cruise business, inappropriate behaviour of both tourists and locals, alarming floating levels and the risk of being included by Unesco on the list of world heritage sites in danger in 2017.

More than 5 million people visited Venice in 2015, and we expect this number to increase in the near future. It’s a great business, but it sometimes looks like the city’s safeguard comes just behind money and personal interests.

When started this blog, one of the first things I really wanted was to do something positive for my hometown and my territory.

Venice and the Veneto are amazing . As well, they are enriched by great folklore, exhibitions and festivals that make the visit worthy all year round. There is always something interesting going on, you just need to do some researches (or let me do that for you).

Furthermore, here’s the good news: you can enjoy Venice (a lot!) and respect it at the same time, just following the right tips and make conscious choices.

Venice Canal

keep on walking until you get lost, great rewards are guaranteed

We need to actively support new sustainable tourism and act now: we cannot push it back anymore.

#VENICEISNOTSINKING is an insider guide to the city with plenty of tips to discover unusual itineraries and the so-called hidden gems, with the goal of supporting sustainable tourism and eco-friendly activities.

I chose this funny name because of the numerous times I’ve been asked by tourists: “is the city truly sinking?”

To find new sustainable solutions, is nowadays essential for the survival of the city and its territory.

Sometimes, there’s no need to take big actions to make sustainable choices.

For example, you could do a lot just by visiting Venice at the “right” time: shoulder/ low season goes from late October to the end of April. Trust me, the city is beautiful in November just as same as in June. As well you can save time and money thanks to hotels special deals and less crowded museums. As you can see, you can do much just taking some little precautions. Venice will be thankful to you, I can swear it.

burano houses

Visit Burano in the evening by private boat to avoid the crowds and enjoy the happy hour


#VENICEISNOTSINKING is an independent and apolitical feature; it’s like a virtual coffee bar, a place for new friends and Venice enthusiasts to meet.

My goal is to support those projects and ideas that safeguard Venice, its monuments and traditions, natural environment and local handcrafts.

If we act now, if we act unite, Venice will not sink down. It won’t become a theme park for tourists. It will not become the new Atlantis. We all can make the difference.

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